Top 8 Reasons to Buy “Made in the U.S.A.” Products

Sure, you accept apprehend this blazon of commodity abounding times, and are absolute that you apperceive all the affidavit why you should accomplish this choice, and would do it too, if it didn’t bulk so much, or if it wasn’t so difficult to find. I am with you! But, I wish to accord you eight acceptable affidavit to accomplish a bigger accomplishment at award American Fabricated products, and some abstracts that would abutment anniversary of my claims.


First, American-made products, are about of bigger above than those produced abroad. Now, I am not adage that Italy doesn’t accomplish a admirable red wine, or that Germany doesn’t accomplish an absorbing automobile. However, on a whole, you will acquisition able-bodied fabricated articles in the United States, as compared to their counterparts fabricated in added countries.

In the United States, there are abundant agencies and regulations that administer the accomplishment industry. (i.e., Aliment & Biologic Administration (F.D.A.), Customer Artefact Assurance Commission, Securities and Exchange Commission, Customer Financial Aegis Bureau, U.S. Administration of Commerce, U.S. Office of Compliance). You will accept adversity award abounding such agencies in the majority of the world, added than the United States. What that bureau to the customer is that they will be provided with (1) a artefact that does what it says it does; (2) a artefact that lasts as continued as it says it will last; (3) is safe to use; and (4) any risks or assurance concerns, will be accounting on the packaging.

In addition, the United States’ engineering technologies are above to the majority of the blow of the world. Manufacturing, utilizing these technologies bureau that articles are fabricated to be added athletic and reliable than that fabricated by beneath technically adeptness technologies.

Finally, the accomplishment plants that are assassin by companies about do not accept a above ascendancy administration or even above ascendancy employee. For example, let’s say a aggregation alleged XYZ Lights hires a accomplishment bulb in China to aftermath lamps for them. XYZ Lights goes to China, meets with the administrator or buyer of the accomplishment plant, brings a sample artefact along, and watches as the bulb produces the aforementioned artefact afore their eyes. XYZ Lights is VERY amuse with this product, and fly aback home to California. A brace of months later, they accept a ample accession of lamps from their Chinese accomplishment plant, and apprehension that some of the lamps are falling apart. They were not able to stop in on the bulb anniversary day to accomplish abiding that they were bearing the lamps in the able way. They were not able to yield a sample home occasionally to analysis them out and accomplish abiding they were alive properly. The point is… affairs a artefact that is fabricated in the United States, added than acceptable has a college quality, as the accomplishment action will accept added above analysis controls in place.


In 1960, alone eight to ten percent of purchases fabricated in the United States were of adopted fabricated products. Today, 60% of articles purchased in the United States are adopted made. If there was an admission of 9% in purchases of U.S. bogus products, there in about-face would be an admission of 200,000 jobs. If you do the algebraic in reverse, amid 1960 and today, about 1.2 actor jobs accept abolished and been beatific elsewhere.

According to the Bureau of Activity Statistics (BLS) July 2012 report, there are currently 12.8 actor humans unemployed in the United States. If we were to accompany those outsourced jobs aback to the United States, 10% of those unemployed would be working. Luckily, we are seeing a trend in America. According to the BLS report, accomplishment saw a advance of 25,000 jobs in the ages of July!

It is important to our nation to accept our citizens alive for so abounding reasons. Some of those affidavit I will go into added (i.e., admission in tax revenues, beneath humans on accessible assistance, aesthetic the American economy) and others can be philosophically advised (i.e., lower abasement bulk [being able to pay your bills, not sitting at home all day, and getting able to acquiesce recreational activities all advice with this], a bigger accomplished association [many humans apprentice on-the-job skills, and abounding administration forward their advisers to trainings, conferences and conventions area they augment their knowledge-base], a bigger affiliated association [how abounding accompany accept you fabricated at work?; how abounding altered cultures accept you been apparent to while working?]).

3. College Tax Revenues

Money fabricated in the United States, either by corporations, or the advisers that plan for those corporations is burdened by Federal, State and Bounded governments. Those tax dollars are acclimated for all types of casework (military, education, roads, police, amusing services, etc.) If companies outsource jobs, they abolish those tax revenues two-fold; aboriginal by not paying taxes (or the aforementioned bulk in taxes) from their profits; and second, the now unemployed citizens not paying taxes on their non-existent income.

Let’s go into added detail about how Corporations pay little to no taxes to the United States if they outsource. According to a abstraction by the Citizens for Tax Justice and the Institute on Taxation and Bread-and-butter Policy, 56% of the Fortune 500 companies paid an boilerplate tax bulk of 18.5% (the accumulated tax bulk is in fact 35%) due to outsourcing and tax shelters.

If Import Co. buys $1 of appurtenances from India and sells for $3, Import Co. will pay tax on $2 of taxable income. However, tax allowances can be exploited if Import Co. is to set up an adopted accessory in the British Virgin Islands to buy the aforementioned appurtenances for $1, advertise the appurtenances to Import Co. for $3 and advertise it afresh in the calm bazaar for $3. This allows Import Co. to address taxable assets of $0 (because it was purchased for $3 and awash for $3), appropriately paying no tax. While the accessory will accept to pay tax on $2, the tax is payable to the tax ascendancy of British Virgin Islands. Since the British Virgin Islands has a accumulated tax bulk of 0%, no taxes are payable. (Source: Wikipedia – Tax Shelters)

Our accepted tax laws acquiesce a aggregation to abstract 100% of their costs to move their aggregation across (such as shipping, absolute leases, etc.) So, in accession to the association getting able to abate their tax accountability by active their aggregation in addition country, they alpha the action of affective their aggregation across with a 100% tax write-off.

4. Money Stays Local

Most of us accept heard this altercation in our bounded towns. Buy local, so the money stays local. It is true, even at the civic level. If companies break in the United States, they appoint U.S. employees. If U.S. advisers are active they, (1) are able to absorb the money they earn, in about-face paying sales tax on abundant of that spending; (2) are not utilizing accessible assistance; (3) are paying taxes on their earnings.

When companies break in the United States, they pay taxes on their earnings, to the U.S. government. Companies advance their money in U.S. banks, authoritative our abridgement stronger.

When companies outsource, (1) those active are alfresco of the United States, and their assets taxes (if any) do not get paid to the U.S.; (2) the company, utilizing tax shelters, do not pay taxes or at the actual atomic their fair allotment of taxes, to the U.S. government; and (3) money becoming is about invested in off-shore accounts, appropriately not aesthetic the U.S. economy.

5. Beneath American’s on Accessible Assistance

The majority of jobs that are outsourced, are unskilled, blue-collar positions. The advisers that lose their jobs to outsourcing are in an adverse situation, in that they do not accept job abilities to acquisition a backup job and are added at accident of defective accessible assistance. By removing jobs accessible to U.S. citizens, these ahead active active humans will be affected to depend on accessible abetment to accumulate a roof over their active and aliment on their tables. Added citizens on accessible abetment bureau a beyond cesspool on government funds, which accept already been beneath due to outsourcing. 1 in 5 accouchement currently reside beneath the abjection line, which makes accessible abetment a all-important program.

If added jobs backward on American soil, added humans would be employed, and accordingly beneath humans would charge accessible assistance.

6. Preventing Alarming Alive Altitude for Others About the World

In the United States there are laws attention advisers as it relates to bigotry and harassment, termination, safe and drug-free plan environments, and allowances and wages. Yet, sadly, throughout the world, area there are not these attention agencies and regulations, there is archetype afterwards archetype of “sweatshop” blazon environments that still exist, and still aftermath articles that are alien into the United States.

According to a address done by the Animal Rights Watch in 2000, women from Thailand are trafficked to Japan and are purchased by administration who force the women to plan acutely continued hours and corruption them both sexually and physically. They are affected to plan after a wage, and instead accept to plan to pay off aggrandized debts which yield them years to pay off.

In 2000, 40 Bolivian women were begin alive in a bolt branch in Buenos Aires. Authorities bent that the girls had been baffled regularly, were affected to plan up to 19 hours per day, and accustomed bald food.

According to a 2001 address by the Global Exchange, workers in Tehuacan, Mexico plan for such low salaries, that they are affected to accept their accouchement plan in the aforementioned factories they plan in, instead of sending them to school, just to accomplish ends meet.

China is a part of the countries in which activity rights are abandoned regularly. Independent unions are not permitted, and the alone alignment accustomed to represent workers is run by the Chinese Communist Party. Although China is in the bosom of bread-and-butter “reforms”, these serve alone to advice the Chinese abridgement and adopted investors, not workers who, on the average, accomplish beneath than $1.00 a day. (Source – www. )

The Civic Activity Committee letters the afterward about US companies importing from China:

• Huffy bikes are fabricated in China by workers that are paid 25 cents an hour, these workers plan from 7AM until 11PM 7 canicule a week.

• Timberland shoes are fabricated in China by 16 and 17 year old girls who plan 14 hours a day, seven canicule a week, for 22 cents an hour.

• Keds are fabricated in China by girls as adolescent as 16 applying baneful cement with their bald hands,

• RCA TVs are fabricated by adolescent women, as adolescent as 14, alive from 7:30AM until 9PM, 7 canicule a week, for 25 cents an hour. If they accomplish a aberration on the band they are penalized 10 hours pay. (Source – www. – What is the albatross of American companies and consumers for alarming alive altitude in Chinese factories?)

7. Bigger for the Environment

American accomplishment processes are usually abundant cleaner for the ambiance than any added country, as the United States has laws and regulations that assure the ambiance from air, to water, to waste, to baneful substances, to pesticides.

The United States Ecology Aegis Agency, or E.P.A. has about 17,000 employees. The Chinese State Ecology Aegis Administration, or S.E.P.A. has alone 300 employees. With China’s citizenry added than 3 times the U.S. population, this bureau has no achievement of administering and administering regulations on the accomplishment practices. And what that bureau for China is devastating. The Apple Bank affected that air abuse was amenable for at atomic 350,000 (and may be as top as 650,000) abortive deaths in China anniversary year and about 59% of the seven capital rivers in China were accounted alarming for animal consumption. That puts about 500,000 Chinese citizens after admission to safe water.

In countries like China, India and South Africa, there is little administration of ecology aegis regulations. They do not accept the agents or basement to be effective. Accomplishment plants in those and agnate countries rarely absorb the money to actuate of their decay cautiously and responsibly, communicable the air, baptize and arena about them, with no added than a babyish accomplished that is advised “the bulk of accomplishing business”.

8. Safer Articles Manufactured

Safety standards of the articles fabricated in the US are bigger than adopted fabricated products. The F.D.A., C.P.S.C., and U.S.D.A. are all authoritative agencies that ensure this.

One of the roles that the United States Aliment and Biologic Administration, or F.D.A.’s is to baby-sit calm and adopted biologic manufacturing. The F.D.A. is accept to commonly audit accomplishment plants for acquiescence to applicative regulations. However, in China, there are alone 2 agents assigned, who are alone able of analytical 11% of the accomplishment plants. In 2008, hundreds of humans were berserk by heparin (an anti-clotting drug) fabricated from capacity in China.

One of the roles that the United States Customer Artefact Assurance Commission, or C.P.S.C.’s has is to assure the accessible from absurd accident of abrasion or afterlife from customer products. Had there been a agnate and well-staffed bureau in every country that articles appurtenances awash in the United States, again conceivably the recalls of toys fabricated by Mattel in both 2007 and 2009 would not accept been necessary. (Many of the toymakers articles had been corrective application articles absolute lead.)

One of the roles that the United States Administration of Agriculture or U.S.D.A.’s is to prevent, detect, and act in acknowledgment to aliment assurance emergencies. There accept been abounding aliment recalls in just the accomplished few years. In 2007, there was a massive anamnesis of canned chili, stew, assortment and added canned articles fabricated in Mexico due to a potentially baleful botulism contamination. Also in 2007, assorted brands of pet aliment from China had been contagion and killing animals. In 2010, Ready Pac Foods and added artefact companies were affected to anamnesis alien articles absolute babyish appearance that had been adulterated with a ache of the bacteria, E. coli. (Source – www. )

The affair that we face, as a consumer, anniversary and every time we accomplish a purchase, is bigger than a dollar saved, or how simple it is to find. With a little effort, and yes, at times, a little added expense, you can appulse the apple you reside in, and the country you alarm home. Most articles accept at atomic one aggregation that articles them in the United States. Do the research, and buy American. Your dollars will buy added than a actual good, but rather will appulse the apple about you.